The operator of the store once appearing at this address was found to be illegally selling replica Chanel. To prevent this from happening again, a judge ordered the operator of the site to pay $570,000.00 in damages to Chanel and ordered the domain name transferred to Chanel.

Why do people buy replicas?

Nobody wants a poorly constructed bag made of cheap materials. So, why do people buy replicas? They buy them because they are fooled into thinking they are getting the same fashionable, quality constructed handbag they would be getting if they bough from Chanel, but for less money. However, despite what sellers of replica Chanel handbags may say, it is extremely easy to tell a replica Chanel apart from a genuine Chanel. Whereas Chanel handbags are skillfully constructed from the highest quality materials in order to look great when you buy it and keep looking great for years to come, replica Handbags are made with only one concern, low cost. Replica sellers don’t care if a seam tears the day after a sale, or if the edges fray or the color starts to rub off on your outfit, they already have your money.

In the long run, replicas do not save you any money. In the time that you would still be looking great with your genuine Chanel handbag, you would have to keep replacing your replica bag as it wore out due to shoddy materials and construction.

The other reason people by replica handbags is because they do not think about who is being harmed by counterfeits. People, often including children, are forced to work under terrible conditions in order to produce replica bags cheaply. Also, counterfeiting steals money from communities since replica sellers usually do not collect and pay taxes. Local and state governments are thereby deprived of millions of dollars.

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